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34 tracks. Why 34? It's a personal thing. Throughout my life and some of my family as well, this number always turns up somewhere. Now if I'm going to do a piano album, not a bad idea to keep the 34 thing running and produce that number of tracks :)


This is an "accidental" album. I never had any plans to record a piano album. In fact, I am not a fan of pianos. I am more a synthesizer, electronic music sort of guy. I was for a few years a Electronic Dance Music producer. But as with many things in life, you never know what will happen :)


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This album was inspired by and is dedicated to Charlotte Cunningham.


Special thanks to Annette Brickell, John Cunningham, Annalise Sorenson, Jo Thompson, Claire Evans, Dr Michael Porter, Elizabeth Burleigh, Sam Jessop (loaned the many microphones needed).


(c) Nick Brickell & Krisztina Sorenson 2023


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